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Hymns of the Russian-orthodox Church

  Tsar Hymn: Prayer of the Russian people (Lvov)

  Heavenly King (Sonnevitzky)

  Holy God (Kiev melody)


  The worthy chosen one

  Worthy is

  Communion Chant (Bakhmetev)

  God, preserve Thy people (Tchaikovsky)

  To Thee we sing (the liturgy of the Hl. Johan Chrysostom)

  Our Father

  Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked. First psalm of David (Kievo Pechersky Monastery)

  Lord, have mercy on us (Lvovsky)

  Mother God of Pochayiv 12th century (M. Leontovich) in Ukrainian language

  Moscow Kremlin bells

  Panichida (Requiem Mass) in honour of the founder Andrei Scholuch and his successor Michail Minsky (Bakhmetev)

  Cherub hymn (D. Bortniansky)

  God with us

  Bless the Lord, O my soul (M. Ippolitov-Ivanov)

  Kol Slaven - sang according the, in these parts, known title "How Glorious is Our Lord" (D. Bortniansky)

  On the river Jordan, Ukrainian vespers (K. Stetsenko)

  For many a year (D. Bortniansky)


Folk melodies and Cossack songs from Russia, the Ukraine and other countries of the Old Russian Empire

 • Tsar hymn: Prayer of the Russian people (Lvov)

 • Holy God (Kiev melody)

 • Monk's prayer

 • Credo (Tchaikovsky)

 • Lord, have mercy on us (Lvovsky)

 • Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked. First psalm of David (Kievo Pechersky Monastery)

 • God is with us (Kastalsky)

 • Tsarevich hymn (Lagunov)

 • God, preserve Thy people (Tchaikovsky)

 • Hallelujah (Tchaikovsky)

 • God has arisen

 • Silent light (Archangelsky)

 • On the river Jordan (Stetsenko)(Ukrainian vespers)

 • From the Panichida (Requiem Mass)(Bakhmetev)
- Heavenly peace
- Eternal memory

 • Kol Slaven - How Glorious is Our Lord(Bortniansky)

 • Ave Maria (Russian)

 • For many a year (Bortniansky)




Christmas concert "Snow-covered Russia" Concert in a music hall


 • Evening chime

 • Dnepr song (Ukrainian folksong, from "the Bewitched" by Taras Shevchenko; Music: M. Lyssenko)

 • Ural Cossack song (arranged by Michail Minsky)

 • Borodino

 • The cuckoo

 • A passing Cossack regiment

 • Song about the Kamushka river (Ural song)

 • Smuglyanka (The Swarthy, Moldavian girl)

 • Volga song

 • Suliko (Georgian folksong)

 • Amur's waves

 • Monotonously rings the little bell

 • Lezginka (Caucasian song)

 • Snow-covered Russia

 • The North Star (Glinka)

 • The blizzard

 • Cossack lullaby

 • Song of Ataman Platoff

 • Raspberry harvest

 • Hymn to the sun (sunrise)


 • Hymn of the Ural Kosaken Chor

 • Monotonously rings the little bell

 • Volga song

 • My Russian homeland

 • Cossack lullaby

 • The North Star

 • A passing Cossack regiment

 • The golden bee

 • Song of Prince Oleg

 • On the banks of the Terek river

 • Ataman Platoff

 • Mother Volga

 • The Cossacks along the Danube

 • Black raven

 • Serenade

 • Lezginka

 • Song of the tsar's army

 • Varenka

 • Droning and moaning wide Dnepr river


Christmas concert

 • Virgin Mary gave birth to a son today

 • Snow-covered Russia

 • A New Year tale (Ukraine)

 • Christmas Tropar and Kondak

 • Christmas Eve (Ukraine)

 • The eternal God (Ukraine)

 • Bells rang early in Jerusalem (Ukraine, Ya. M. Yatsynevich)

 • Shedrick (Ukraine, Leontovich)

 • New joy has come (Ukraine, Stetsenko)

 • as well as German Christmas carols