In 1917 Russia was exposed to world's most disconcerting events, forcing many inhabitants of the Old Russian Empire to go into exile, among them many Cossacks loyal to the tsar. Only years later families and friends, spread over European and American countries, found each other again. 

In all of them the love for their own region was kept alive. From the bottom of their hearts they remained loyal to the lost motherland and preserved the old songs and dances at their gatherings. In this way, 1924 the Ural Kosaken Chor was founded in Paris by Andrei Scholuch, performing concerts throughout Europe.

At war's outbreak the choir was disbanded in 1940, spreading the members to every corner of the world. From 1951 until 1955 Andrei Scholuch conducted the Schwarzmeer Kosaken Chor, with which he predominantly performed church concerts. 
Than, after overcoming many difficulties, the Ural Kosaken Chor was successfully resurrected by Scholuch with members of the Schwarzmeer Kosaken Chor and new singers. One of its most famous members was Ivan Rebroff. 
By reason of Scholuch's age and most of the members ageing the choir undertook its last tour in 1972.

Michail Minsky, former soloist of the Don Kosaken Chor Serge Jaroff, gathered the youngest members of the old choir and some new singers around him in 1984 reviving the Ural Kosaken Ensemble. Four years after his death (9.10.1988 in Zwolle) the Ensemble was disbanded once more. Eventually, with help of Vanya Scholuch, the founder's son, the Ural Kosaken Chor is successfully resurrected in its old top form and - regarding a tradition of great reputation - going on extensive tours once more.