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To uphold the tradition, which Serge Jaroff or Andrei Scholuch once brought to the West, is the very first command of the Ural Kosaken Chor. The choir consisting of 12 persons performs in its plain, black uniform, with only a broad, blue stripe on the trousers (the colour of the Ural Guards regiment). The discipline on stage is comparable to the old choirs': the arrangements have been revised, but why would one change something on a large scale, that was already optimally transcribed by both most highly-gifted arrangers of the last century "Jaroff" and "Scholuch". 

The Ural Kosaken Chor in its new formation consisting of Russians and Ukrainians is a relict from the tsarist Russia, from the last century, in its representation absolutely unique throughout Europe. Only a small part of the concert will deliberately be dedicated to the "Hits", the choir predominantly wants to present to you the spectrum of an in Western Europe yet less familiar Russia. 

We want to thank all of them, whom made it possible for us, to go on tour with a rather less commercial programme, but a programme, supported by our choir, as well as all those involved. 

May you retain pleasant memories of this evening - or may it even remember you once more of the special times of the choirs in the sixties! 

Your Ural Kosaken Chor

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